fredag 5 augusti 2011

I´ve made a magnetic book.

I love when things are in its wright place, easy to find and to use.
With my dies that´s not the case.
I´ve had them in a little box and you can imagine it´s hard to find the wright one.
I saw a woman on the scrapmarathon who had a book with magnetic pages.
It was just beautiful. I never really understod how she got hold of thoose magnetic thing and I didn´t ask. I asked around and she had used the signs that you have to have on your car when you practice driving. In Sweden we call it Övningskörningsskylt :)

I found a scrappack that i´ve used for this book.
I glued my patterned papers on all sides of my pages.
In this case 4 pages.

I distressed all edges with walnut stain with my inkblending tool.
It has become one of my favorite tools to work with.
After that I cut the magnetic signs in 4 pieces each, 10x11 cm.
I´m only going to use 6 pieces for this album.

Offcourse you can glue patterned papers over the magnetic sign,
but I think that the black surface is ok.
This is how it looks when I put my dies in the book.
I see that I have to make a bigger one as well...

This is the outside when I started decorating it.
I only whanted to use the dies I put in the book as decoration.
Than it´s easy to find witch book you want.

Since it opens quite easily I decited to make a extra "lock".
On the inside of the first page I glued a magnet in the left hand corner.
I decorated it with a flower as it´s not that decorative..

On the back I glued a paper strip, 7-9 cm.
I glued a magnet on there as well and it closes really well.
To make it hold i used my hubbys superglue.

Now it´s done!
Just put thoose little extra details on there and it´s a fantastic book to bring to your scrapevents and show of to your friends.
It can be a good idea to glue things proparly!
Hope you´ll try this.
If you do, please let me know.

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  1. This is a fabulous idea Christel thanks for sharing.
    xx Vee

  2. Tilda, Your blog helps me lot, you listed before starting card work. It is really impressive as well as helps lot for unique card work. I will create card soon and share as soon as possible in my blog.